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3D Skull Model

A great addition for your scene!  Add a creepy vibe to your render with this 3D skull. This model has been modeled with clean topology focused on quads and loops. It is ready to be rigged and can be subdivided.


Faces: 8,324 Tris: 16,646 Vertices: 8,324 Texture resolution: 1024x1024 (6) Textures included: Combined, Diffuse, Ambient Occlusion, Specular, Roughness, and Normal  soul_wp_1    
Verts: 8,495  Tris: 16,646  Faces: 8,324
  Material uses specular and bump maps for accurate realistic results. There 5 textures used on this model.  These textures are: skull_specular.png, skull_diffuse1.png, skull_AO.png, skull_normal.png, skull_roughness.png
  How to use your new model in your scene:
  1. Open the .blend file of your scene
  2. press Shift+f1 or File>Append
  3. find this .blend and select (.blend may have to be exported out of .zip file first)
  4. go into Object
  5. select "skull_bm" and "skull_jaw_bm"
  6. Click "Append from Library"

This object features clean geometry, making it easy to modify and cleanly subdivide.  

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