Skoda Fabia Combi 2015

by JCGStudios in Models

Skoda Fabia Combi 2015 high poly Blender model created in Blender 2.9 and rendered in Cycles at 500/1000 samples. Completely UV mapped and unwrapped (Represented by the Checkered renders). All objects parented to an empty centered at the origin (0,0,0). The wheels and brake discs are also parented making rigging a breeze. The model follows real life scale, and each object has been conveniently named. The model has a simple/low poly interior. I had to remove some of the details off the wireframe renders to save memory since Freestyle rendering in Blender is incredibly unoptimized. Please feel free to message me about any questions or issues with the model, I am active on this site daily. In addition, I am open to any tips and help you require for your own models and renders. The Blend file is ready to render straight out of the box with no modifications. Most if not all materials contain texture inputs for Color, Bump and Roughness. Most of the textures have been created procedually in Blender. No ngons or tris present, the model is made up entirely of quads.

I hope you like my work. Thanks :) -James

Published almost 2 years ago
Software Version 2.9
Misc Data UV's Unwrapped, Manifold mesh (water-tight), Normal Mapped, Textured
License Editorial
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