Sketching Idea

by Kalle-Samuli Riihikoski in Scripts and Addons

Sketching Idea addon is a new tool when you are sculpting. Are you stuck with your sculpt? You have a couple of good ideas in your head, but sculpting those ideas one by one will take too much time and effort. With this addon, you can quickly sketch your ideas and then sculpt the best one. The best thing here is that sketching stroke will vanish from the view according to your camera angle. This feature alone is something you didn't realize how much you need it before you test it the first time. 

All future updates are free.

Shortcut for this tool is SHIFT + CRTL + A

To active the tool press SHIFT + CTRL + A and choose Annotate tool.

Delete All = Delete all Sketch strokes.

Delete visible = Delete only visible strokes.

Show/Hide Strokes = Toggle with Hide/Unhide

Angle fallout = smaller number here and quicker stroke will hide from screen.

Show strokes front/back = If you want to see stroke from back and front

Distance fallout = smaller number here and quicker strokes will hide when zooming out.

Overall opacity = Control for all strokes opacity

Apply symmetry = This will apply symmetry when you sketch ether front or top view. Side view is not using symmetry this even if this is turned on.

Strokes per object = You can isolate strokes per selected object. 

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