Sketch N' Cage

by Sahin Ersoz in Scripts and Addons

Sketch N' Cage is a Mesh Deform and Shape Animation tool, utilizing Blender's Grease Pencil. It works the same way as it's sister product Sketch N' Carve. It converts the user's sketch into a "Mesh Deform" object, and automatically creates Shape keys ready to be animated.

Sketch N' Cage  works with all versions of Blender from 2.90 to the latest release.

Free updates 

Current Version: 1.0.3

  • Draw any shape you like and have your drawing converted to Cage instantly.  
  • Freely use  any of the Grease Pencil tools, from pen tool to geometric tools.        
  • Interactive. Edit your Cage shapes on the fly in their final form and real time.
  • Mute button to allow you to go back to your sketch and make alterations at any stage.
  • Simplify your shapes for a low density Cage mesh or keep the high resolution details.
  • Join Strokes feature to create complex shapes with ease using multiple strokes.
  • Extrude with subdivisions and Symetric Extrude for ease of use.        
  • Automatically created Shape Keys ready for animation.        
  • Spin tool for creating circular cage shapes.        
  • Mirror Tool to symetricly duplicate the cage shape along any axis.        
  • Subdivision Surfaces modifier for creating lattice like geometries.        
  • Scale, rotate and translate with precision for the best placement of the cage shape.