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SimplyStitch:  Professional Stitching for YourMesh

SimplyStitch is an advanced Blender 3D add-on designed to streamline the process of creating meticulous stitches for your mesh. This add-on offers a versatile toolkit, allowing you to effortlessly draw stitches on your object using various methods, including drawing, lines, curves, and more.

In EditMode, the add-on provides a straightforward mechanism for incorporating the drawn stitches onto selected edges. This enables you to seamlessly integrate stitches into your design or add seams for enhanced bulge profiles, providing greater control during the detailing process. Simply Stitch is your go-to solution for achieving precision and efficiency in mesh detailing within the Blender environment.

Developed by Vjaceslav Tissen & Wolfgang Tell in cooperation with Franz Klassen



This Add-on is tailored to refine cloth objects before diving into texture painting and finer details. With a focus on adding geometry details for high-poly models, it simplifies the process of baking from high to low resolution.

In collaboration with Wolfgang Tell & Franz Klassen, we aimed to enhance cloth object quality within Blender. Now, effortlessly drawing or dragging lines across the mesh yields instant, desired results. It's about streamlining complexity, ensuring a smoother creative process, and maximizing Blender's potential for every project.


WARNING: Simply Stitch works only with Blender version 4.1 and higher!


From Base Object to Detailed

Featured on the left side are various assets including stitches, bolts, and embroidery, all of which you can seamlessly incorporate into your object.

Give your work more details!



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Blender Version 4.1
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