Simple Toon Eyes W Geometry Node Eyelids

by Just Ducky Artworks in Modifier Setups

Stylized rig-ready cartoon eyelids controlled by very easy and simple geometry nodes (no fiddling with lattices and shape keys).  The lids follow the eye curvature without the need for shape keys or lattices.  You can scale the eye for different shapes as desired.

Lid Controls: The lids are controlled in the Modifier Properties panel (wrench icon).  There are controls for top lid open/close, bottom lid open/close, and top lid angle.  Since the eyes are procedural, it is best to view in 'material preview' mode in Viewport Shading.  The lids can be easily animated using drivers with whatever rig you choose.

The eyeball rotation for the procedural eyes are controlled in the Material Properties tab:


A step by step video tutorial on how to make and operate the eyelids is here: Eyelid video tutorial

Included are two different procedural eyes - simple toon and stylized
For a tutorial on making the stylized eye (without the lid), watch MV ARTZ video: How to Create a Procedural Stylized Eye Shader - Blender 3.0 Tutorial


Enjoy and have a great day!

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Published 17 days ago
Blender Version 3.4
License Royalty Free
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