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by Chipp Walters in Scripts and Addons

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  • Frank Hilton 8 days ago

    I think this add-on is much needed. I too have 25+ add-ons.
    To deal with my numerous add-ons I use workspaces to sort out my add-on mess.

    However, after working with it, I contacted support for issues I had. Chip was very responsive.

    The major issues I see so far is this add-on doesn't support workspaces yet. And because SimpleTabs just uses all add-ons over all workspaces, you can't get away from the N-Panel stacking mess if you use horizontal split screens. You will still have squashed tabs.

    Even though SimpleTabs allows you to group multiple addons in tabs, you would still have to only use 4-5 tabs if you use horizontal split screens, which would make long N-panels for multiple add-ons per tab.

    Another issue I ran into is that I had my MeshMachine not showing up as an add-on in the SimpleTabs list, even though the Addon is visible on a tab and enabled. So, not sure why is's not being seen by ST, but its just not there. I also have Machin3, not sure if this is why or not.

    I like this approach, it is promising. But at this time, I find still using Workspaces is better for organization and split screens. Hope to see some more updates in the near future.

    • Chipp Walters 8 days ago

      Hi Frank,

      Yes, you are correct. I've added to the description:

      SIMPLE TABS is not designed to work seamlessly with workspaces. SIMPLE TABS was created for the 3D View N panel only-- which is where 90% of the tab clutter is. Also, SIMPLE TABS automatically does not manage some addons, and for those their tabs are left alone. You can manage the "do not include list" in the preferences.

      So if you work primarily with workspaces, then SIMPLE TABS is not for you. FWIW, I really wish Blender would address this problem properly and not require addon developers to do it for them.

  • Elian Koll 15 days ago

    You make amazing Plugins, and this one is amazing too. This should be a normal function in Blender. I have too many Plugins, and this Plugin helps a little bit. I have Blender LTS and every Plugin work with it, Graswald too. I think before i give a Developer a Bad Rating for his Plugin, i contact him for support.
    i have one suggestion, would be nice if i can select the Plugin from your list in the N-Panel.

    • Chipp Walters 15 days ago

      Thanks for your considerate reply..Yes, I agree. I wish people would actually contact us for help before leaving a 1 star review-- especially when that review is no longer even an issue. We thought about putting the addon in the N panel, but decided it would just add more clutter, so we created a button for it. We may move it to the prefs panel at some further date.

  • tonyrenzulli 16 days ago

    finally the addon everyone was waiting for

    • Chipp Walters 15 days ago

      Thanks Tony!

  • Bryan Stone 18 days ago

    Have not fully used the new set up but so far this is something I was hoping somebody would do. One thing though, is there a way to alert us when this app is updated, please?

    • Chipp Walters 17 days ago

      If you checked the box to receive updates, then you will be notified of new versions.

  • Stefan 19 days ago

    I love the idea and i highly missed such an addon, but it seems that the addon is crashing other addons e.g. Graswald once you change the name. I uninstalled simple tabs and everything is working smoothly again.

    • Chipp Walters 19 days ago

      Please see the new version of SIMPLE TABS. It should resolve your conflict. Just enter the name of the addon you're having problem with in the prefs and SIMPLE TABS will ignore it.

  • Andy 21 days ago

    Amazing add-on thank you so much!!
    Love that we can now move the tabs about, and consolidate them.
    So, needed.

    As you mentioned "versions," I assume you are going to be updating / adding to it.
    One quick suggestion.
    Is there any way you could add the ability of a second line of N-tabs running adjacent to the right, (or left) of the default tabs?
    Allowing the user to install many more add-ons. Without having to use Abbreviations and acronyms, or having to scroll all of the time.

    Please take this as a "big fan" suggestion. And not in any way a criticism, of this fantastic add-on.
    Great job.
    Thank you.

    • Chipp Walters 21 days ago

      Thanks for your 5 star review! While that's a good idea, there is no Blender python API to do what you suggest.

  • Nico van der Merwe 23 days ago

    At first i thought having an n-panel all squished together with one letter tabs and eyeballing which tab is what tab was cool... along comes simple tabs to improve workflow and relieve headaches.... what a shame.... damn, guess I'll need to buy it ;) hehe.

    Actually been a secret wish of mine to simplify the tabs and move them and or rename them - thanks making it reality!

    • Chipp Walters 23 days ago

      Haha. Sorry, the min you can offer anything here is a buck. You can get it free over at Gumroad 😉

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