Simple Little Boat Rig

by Pete Burges in Scripts and Addons

This is just what it says- a simple little boat rig, for less than the price of a cuppa joe.

It will keep your boat on the water surface, controlling pitch and roll to rock your boat realistically with the waves. It's ideal for smaller boats rather than large ships- anything under 10m should be OK. 

You can start a scene from the included file, or if you already have a scene with a boat on water and all you want is the rig, follow these simple steps:

* Append the Boat Rig collection to your scene

* Align your boat model to the Boat Mover object, and then parent to it. Delete or hide the demo boat model.

* Delete or hide the included Ocean, and move the Boat Surface object just above your water surface

* Boat Surface has a ShrinkWrap modifier; change the target to your water.

And that's it! It works reliably on even pretty choppy water, though it does only work on water mesh objects and not fluid simulations (not that you'd need this rig for that).

The boat can be animated by moving the Boat Surface object, and should still work even if you parent it to an empty on a path, for example. Mostly it will save you the time and effort of rigging it yourself, though if you're new to rigging feel free to reverse engineer and uncover it's secrets :)

Use in whatever you like, just don't pass it off as your own rig. Cheers!

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