Shutter - 2D toolset for Blender

by Johnson Martin in Scripts and Addons

Unleash your Creativity.

Shutter is a collection of 22 powerful nodes for image and video compositing in Blender, each one carefully crafted for maximum speed and efficiency. With Shutter, you can forget the technicality of image editing and get right to making beautiful images.


"Shutter is an amazing set of post processing nodes that let you be more artistic instead of the fuss of fiddling with the node editor for hours on end. Aside from that it contains a great set of both adjustment and artistic filters, allowing you the freedom you need to make your piece pop"

- Jim Morren


22 nodes, unlimited possibilities.

Shutter includes three separate types of nodes, Artistic, Adjustments, and Utilities. For a detailed list of what each node does, click the documentation tab near the top of this page.


  • Smart Contrast
  • Temperature
  • Tint
  • Vibrance
  • Clarity
  • Exposure
  • Vignette
  • Sharpen
  • White Balance


  • Halftone
  • Blur Vignette
  • Film Grain
  • Color Pop
  • Tilt Shift
  • Thermal Vision
  • Soft Glow
  • Bloom
  • Edge Detect


  • Denoiser
  • Average Color
  • Unsharp Mask
  • Pixelate


“Shutter - 2D toolset is a fantastic tool. It has given me the freedom and flexibility of professional and beautiful effects in Photoshop but inside Blender and in a shorter period of time! It’s now my go to when compositing. I never have to leave the program, which allows me to make changes, that complements my scenes, on the fly. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.”

- Mason Menzies

Support Blender Development!

For every purchase, $1 will be donated to the Blender Development Fund to help grow and improve Blender. So by buying Shutter, you are helping to improve Blender!

"No more time wasting node crafting in Blender's compositor! This great 2d toolset gives you a bunch of useful filter and adjustment nodes, which makes it very easy to get the most out of your renders very fast! I especially like the denoiser node and effects like bloom or vignette - things you always need!"

- Zacharias Reinhardt, Blender Foundation Certified Trainer.


Have a question or problem? Contact me vie email at [email protected] or contact me on Twitter @regus12


Installing Shutter:

To Append nodes into a Blender scene go to File>Append and navigate to the node groups folder within the .blend, select all the desired nodes and click Append.

To save the nodes to your startup file. repeat the process above, and go to File>Save Startup file. Now eatch time you start Blender, Shutter can be accessed using the Add menu in the node editor.

Node Descriptions:

Smart Contrast

Applies both contrast and brightness for optimal contrasting.


Useful for changing the mood of the composition/picture to colder or warmer tones.


Magenta/green color tones can be changed with this node.


Similar to saturation, but stronger effect in less saturated areas.


By using large radius sharpening this node enables one to create a deeper and clearer image.


Similar to a cameras exposure you can boost or decrease the overall exposure of an image.


The darkening of an image towards the edges is called vignette and can easily be achieved with this node.


A node for sharpening the image using the popular unsharp mask sharpening method.

White Balance

Set the white- and/or blackpoint for quick and easy white balance.


Creative Nodes


This node creates a dotted black and white version of the input image.

Blur Vignette

Same as the regular vignette, but instead of darkening the edges of the image this node blurs them.

Film Grain

Can be used to add small noise/grain to the image for a more realistic look.

Color Pop

Makes colors pop by desaturating low saturation areas.

Tilt Shift

This node applies the effect of a Tilt Shift lens to the image, by bluring the top/bottom part of it.

Thermal Vision

Name says it all.

Soft Glow

Creates a soft glow, which adds a "dream like" feeling to the image.


Classic bloom effect, adds glare to bright areas of an image.

Edge Detect

An edge-detection filter, can be used to create line art from an image.


Utilitiy Nodes


Remove noise from an image using bilateral blur with this node.

Average Color

Returns the average color of an image.

Unsharp Mask

Use the input image to create an unsharp mask which can then be used for other tasks, for example sharpening.


Creates a pixelation effect, the image dimensions are not altered.


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