Showcase - 3 In 1

by GameArtUniverse in Models

A fully rigged 3 in 1 Wooden Showcase with doors and drawers opening and closing animations.

The design of showcase is unique and available in two looks. There are two texture groups available with the showcase. One texture group makes the showcase old and dirty while the other makes it new and smooth. All textures are high quality with 2K resolution each.

Single showcase model can be placed at rooms corner. Use two models to make a showcase that can be placed along the wall. Use four models to make a round shape showcase that can be placed in the center of the room.


Key Features :

- Single mesh with minimum poly-count
- Fully rigged model with 9 Animations
- One material for entire model
- Two looks(Old, New)
- High quality 2K textures
- 1 model 3 uses(Corner, Side, Center)


Textures :

- BaseColor
- AO Map
- Metallic Map
- Roughness Map
- Specular Map
- Metallic Smoothness Map
- Specular Smoothness Map


Animations :

- Idle
- TopDoorOpening
- TopDoorClosing
- LeftDrawerOpening
- LeftDrawerClosing
- RightDrawerOpening
- RightDrawerClosing
- BottomDoorOpening
- BottomDoorClosing