Shotlist — Camera Shots Manager Add-On For Blender 2.9/2.8

by Hyuri in Scripts and Addons

Create, manage and navigate camera shots in Blender 2.9/2.8 like the Pros — The much easier and quicker way.

If you're frequently creating and managing camera shots, this add-on will dramatically speed up your workflow with the same concepts professional cinematographers use in big and small film & animation productions but directly within Blender.

- Add new shot;
- Name/Rename shots;
- Remove individual shots;
- Remove all shots;
- Jump to next/previous shot;
- Jump to specific shot;
- Change shot's camera — at any time, even after creating a shot;
- Shot duration indicator;
- Hide inactive cameras— only show the active camera, and hide the clutter;
- Show camera name — always, in both Camera View and the 3D View;
- Lock all shots — and avoid unintentionally editing or deleting any shots.

All one or two clicks away — in the blink of an eye!

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