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Shotgun is a keymap for Blender designed from the ground up to be easy and intuitive to use. It fallows many of the standards used by other programs (such as left-click selection, ctrl-a for select all, etc.) without compromising on the workflow.


  1. Mouse only navigation: You can orbit/pan/zoom all with just the mouse, no need to use the keyboard!
  2. Left-Click select: Left click selection is at the heart of Shotgun, the rest of the keymap was built up from there.
  3. Standardize common hotkeys: Shotgun tries to standardize common hotkeys like Ctrl-A for select all.
  4. Built on top of Blender's default keymap: Many of the default Blender hotkeys where left untouched making it easier to learn if you are already familiar with Blender's keymap.
  5. Easily installed with an addon: Shotgun can be installed and updated easily with the Shotgun Manager addon.

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