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  • Shervin
    9 months ago

    Very nice addon, in theory. Has a lot of bugs at the moment and has forced me to reset all my cameras with out the use of the addon for big projects. One bug I get is that when I change the length of one of my cameras some of the animated objects have their keys moved around or in some cases lost. It's not very practical in a production setting when cameras and objects may need to be amended. With this once your cameras are set you can't really touch them without destroying your scene. Hope it gets sorted out soon as it has a lot of potential.

    • Seth Russel

      8 months ago

      Hi Shervin,

      Its almost a month now and I'm thrilled to inform you that we've just released ShotEngine Version 1.4 with exciting features and a fix to the problem you highlighted. Animation data of Non-Shot objects are left untouched when tweaking Shot animations.
      You can download the updated version.
      We really appreciate your feedback and are working tirelessly to perfect ShotEngine for your projects. We will like to hear more from you; what worked, what didn't, after using the updated version.
      If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out.

  • Trevor
    9 months ago

    Great Addon! Easy to use, and Yes! i agree with the previous re-viewer. A camera shake feature would be excellent!

    • Seth Russel

      8 months ago

      Thanks a lot Trevor. We really appreciate your feedback. We've just released ShotEngine Version 1.4 with exciting features including Rotating around Follow object and CTRL+Clicking to insert Keys.

      Camera Shake, Follow Path and Dynamic Cinematic Camera Mode are being worked on. Interesting times ahead, stay tuned.

  • sameer uddin
    11 months ago

    A very clean and ergonomic shot managment solution .
    i went through a lot of other shot managers and this really felt like the best.
    The preview of all shots and loop views of single shots is amazing , really helps you visualize the whole scene pretty quickly , Overall it is a powerful addon in the arsenal .
    5 stars all the way

    Wishlist -
    Camera shake or movment addons based on noise and curve if possible . It would be great to see this integrated
    DOF and autofocus \ focus pulling

    • Seth Russel

      11 months ago

      Dear Sameer, thank you for the fantastic review and 5-star rating of the ShotEngine addon! We really appreciate your support and feedback.

      Your positive comments about the clean and ergonomic shot management solution in ShotEngine mean a lot to us. We're glad that the preview features have helped you visualize your scenes quickly and efficiently.

      We also want to express our gratitude for your wishlist suggestions. We'll definitely consider integrating camera shake and movement addons, as well as depth of field (DOF) and autofocus/focus pulling features in future updates.

      Once again, thank you for your support and valuable feedback. If you have any more thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to reach out. We're here to enhance your creative workflow with ShotEngine.

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