Shift Render Slot

by Yain Vieyra in Scripts and Addons

Shift Render Slot is an addon that allows you to shift Render Slots at any time when rendering images.

Its purpose is to automatically shift the Render Slots when taking multiple shots, or when doing test renders and comparing the results.

Often you need new renders not to overwrite previous ones, or you just forget to shift the slots before rendering, resulting in the loss of the last rendered image. This addon makes it easier for your workflow since it will automatically take care of that step.

The Shift Render Slot UI in the UV/Image Editor context

The Shift Render Slot UI in the UV/Image Editor context


  • Enable / Disable the shifting behavior at any time while working in the UV/Image Editor. No need to enable/disable the addon in the User Preferences.
  • Select up to 4 type of render events to trigger the shift

- Before (Before the render job begins)

- After (After the render job ends)

- Complete (When the render is complete)

- Canceled (When the render is canceled)

Select among different render events to trigger the shift

  • You can select between 2 different shifting behaviors

- Increase (Shift to next Render Slot)

- Decrease (Shift to previous Render Slot)

Select between an increasing or decreasing direction to shift

  • Use shortcuts to easily shift the Render Slots in the UV/Image Editor

- Go to next slot: Alt + Up Arrow / Ctrl + Wheel Up

- Go to the previous slot: Alt + Down Arrow / Ctrl + Wheel Down

Use shortcuts to shift Render Slots faster

  • The addon state gets linked to the scene and is saved with the .blend file. This allows you to open your project in the future and still have the same behavior you used last time.
  • There are 8 built-in slots available by default in Blender, so when reaching the last slot, it will automatically jump to the first one.


The addon is available in the UV/Image Editor area. This is tipically visible when rendering or compositing.

The main panel is located in the UV/Image Editor toolshelf (T) > Render Slots tab > Shift Slots panel

Here you can enable/disable the addon, change the type of render event to use and the behaviour when shifting.

The Shift Render Slot UI

The Shift Render Slot UI located at UV/Image Editor toolshelf (T) > Render Slots tab > Shift Slots panel


  • Go to File > User Preferences (Ctrl + Alt + U)
  • Click the Add-ons button
  • In the section below look for the Install Add-on from File... button
  • Navigate through your filesystem until you find the Shift Render Slot addon ( and select it
  • Press the Install Add-on from File... button. You should now be able to see it listed in the addons list
  • Press the little empty checkbox next to the addon name in order to enable it
  • In the section below press the Save User Settings button to let the addon stay available later on

Set your Preferences for the addon

If you expand the little arrow next to the addon checkbox, you will see the addon preferences. Here you can set the preferred behaviour for your scene.

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