Shader Pack architectural Visualisation - Vol. 3

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Shader Pack for architectural Visualisation - Vol.3

This is part three of the Shader Pack for architectural Visualisation Series (Vol.1) (Vol.2) for Blender Cycles. It contains seven high quality, photorealistic Materials, especially for the use in architectural renderings. All Materials are organised in clean and easy to use Shader nodes, wih all important Values at hand. Also you will find a full documentation as a 10 Page PDF, within the Pack and for download within the documentation section.

The given Materials are:

Exposed Concrete Panels: modern architectural concrete elements for both interior and outdoor surfaces of modern buildings White Brick Wall: a mansonry brickwork wall with an old, used touch, ideal for modern Industrial loft styles Oak Furniture Wood: a Wood Shader to surface all kinds of furniture Fabric Cotton: a basic farbic shader to cloth couches, chairs and all types of seating furniture Brushed Metal: anisotropic Metal Shader with additional Brushed Metal textures to achive both linear and radial brush effects on all kinds of metallic props. Oxford Black Granite: Black shiny granite surface for all kinds of floors of sanitary equipment Granite Paradise Red: Noble looking, reddish black granite for all kinds of floors of sanitary equipment The Granite Shaders are taken from the Granite Shader Pack

High Res Textures included

Oak Furniture  - Diffuse 8k, Specularity 8k, .jpg Exposed Concrete  - Diffuse 8k, Specularity 8k, Bump 8k, all seamless tileable, .jpg Fabric Cloth  - Diffuse 4k, seamless tileable, .ipg White Brick Wall - Diffuse 8k, seamless tileable, .jpg Brushed Metal - Diffuse 8k radial Texture, Diffuse 8k linear Texture, seamless tileable, .jpg Granite Oxford Black - Diffuse 4k, seamless tileable, .jpg Granite Paradise Red - Diffuse 4k, seamless tileable, .jpg

Free Grid Floor Shader

Along with the Pack you will find the Grid floor Shader shown in the product images, which is handy for presentation purposes. This Shader is royalty free of use.        

The 10 Page Documentation comes along with the Shader Pack Blend File, but you can also download the Documentation here: Documentation Shader Pack Vol.3 For Inserting a Material into your Scene simply Choose "File --> Append"" Then Choose the given Shader Pack Blend File. Then Choose your Material. All Material Names are self explanatory. Please note that some Shader need an UV Unwrapped Model (See Blender Wiki for more Information). You can also open the given Blend File, it contains seven Shader Balls, each named and linked to the Material listed above.

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