Set of wine and liqueur glasses with carafes

by JiriTuhacek in Models

Set of wine and liqueur glasses with carafes

Do you need some items that add more realism to your interior scene? This set is the right for you. Put glasses and carafes into shelves or place them to foreground for some interesting shots.

Basic info

The pack consists of nine glasses (five wine glasses and four liqueur glasses), one bottle with cap, one wine carafe and a pitcher. Models are in real-world scale, close to center. All groups have their own separate layer, so you can just choose a layer you want and select all objects on the layer. All groups, models and materials are properly named.



Sorting of models

  • Models are on separate layers
  • Models are placed close to center
  • Models are true-to-scale
  • Logicaly named
  • Sorted into groups
  • Scene is included

Appending models

  • Open your own .blend
  • Go to File > Append
  • Go into models/groups
  • Select model/group you want to append

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