Seashell photoscans 20 pack

by JF Photoscans in Models

This is a pack of 20 high-resolution ready to use photoscanned seashells. Each colour-corrected and cleaned up.


  • 8k albedo, displacement, normal and roughness maps for each item
  • Optimised models with subdivision surface and displacement modifier setups. Polygon counts on base models range from 16,276 to 43,357 triangles
  • Each model/texture has been individually cleaned up from artefacts
  • Non-automated UV unwraps
  • Principled shader setups for each item

Included files:

  • A Packed blend file with all 20 seashells
  • Separate tiff textures
  • Separate exported OBJ files
  • Seashell renders, including a quick shell identifier chart

  •  The OBJ exports will likely need to be scaled within your preferred software of choice and will require subdivision. With this the power of the displacement maps may require tweaking
  • All textures are 8 bit (as this is what Photoscan exported at the time of creation)
  • Due to constraints the undersides of the shells are generally not intended for open display, with some exceptions
  • The roughness maps are approximated and may be improved in a future release
  • All shells are scaled to their real-world size
  • For any questions/feedback/help feel free to email me at [email protected]

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