Sculpt Wheel

by jfmatheu in Scripts and Addons

Enhance your workflow with this awesome and carefully designed sculpt widget!


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  • Tested on Blender 2.83 LTS and 2.90 release. Don't use in 2.91 at the moment cause it's in alpha stage and devs are touching so much the OpenGL drawing code so may be unstable!


Where can I find the tool?

  • HOLD 'Space' key to trigger it on Sculpt mode, release so it goes away! It will be filled with default brushes and tools for you (you can change them later or create other toolset).
  • Addon panel can be found in 3D Viewport's sidebar > 'Sculpt' tab > 'Sculpt Wheel' panel.

How can I update the addon?

To update it in a safe way:

1. Disable it (uncheck the addon in the preferences).

2. Click at 'Remove' to remove the addon from Blender.
3. Close Blender and open it again.
4. Install new addon version.


Steven Scott:

Blender Nation (Review by Metin Seven):


  • Color picker will be available for when 2.91 is released and stable as Sculpt Vertex Color are part of 2.91+. It will include different kind of color pickers and different modes (complementary, split, triad, tetradic...) and features (color-space slicing, input values...). Also will include color palettes to store colors (also recent colors).


v0.5 - Regressions fixes !

  • FIX: Regression. Custom operators don't work.
  • FIX: Regression. Some brushes (multi-plane scrape and slide-relax) cause error when invoking Sculpt Wheel

v0.4a - Hotfix update!

v0.4 - Fan-service Update !

  • Added support with custom colors for tools + 2 modes: outline and background.
  • Support MacOS.
  • Added option to select tool on release.
  • Solved some annoying bugs!
  • Now by default the filepath to create custom buttons points up to a Blender icon library with more than 700 icons !!!
  • Added support with custom keymap, you can change it directly from wheel settings and addon preferences.
  • Added support to tools that are not brushes!
  • Add option to keep wheel opened until you press and release your hotkey again.
  • Created extended documentation!


  • Adaptive: Support higher/lower DPI screens based on Blender window size.
  • More responsive and relative interface elements all around.
  • Better text vertical alignment in pad for tooltip when hovering custom buttons and tools/brushes.
  • Other small visual improvements.

v0.2 - Release Hotfixes

  • 'Show Tool Names' option is disabling toolset indicators in widget. Also solved another issue causing a similar effect but in the pad.
  • Can't remove toolset. Functionality is not exposed, now near the active toolset name you have a 'trash' icon to remove active toolset.
  • Now image path at Custom Buttons > Create section supports relative paths.

v0.1 - Release version

  • Docs Sheet from 0.1 version :