Sculpt Layers

by Mifth in Scripts and Addons

Hello dear sculptors! Sculpt Layers for Blender 2.9+ arrived from the creator of MiraTools addon. Your art director and clients will be happy. This addon will help you to store your base mesh and add details as layers.


  • Add/Remove/Join/Erase layers.
  • Sculpt Layers can work with a Multires modifier.
  • Possibilty to import layers from Zbrush into the Sculpt Layers addon.

Blender Artists page:


* Lots of optimizations. Speed improvements 1.5x-2x times.

* Subdivide/Unsubdivide Feature

* Non-Multires modifiers are ignored now (like Mirror, Array etc.)


  • opacity value for a layer
  • duplicate a layer
  • assign layers from other collection
  • apply layers to highest subd

Unfortunately, v0.3 is not compatible with v0.2. I had to rework entire system.


Some bug fixes and possibility to join a layer with a base mesh