Script Runner

by Good Spirit Graphics LLC in Scripts and Addons

Version 2.5

‘Script Runner’ allows you to run multiple python scripts, at the push of a button, without first loading them into Blender's limited text editor.

This has three main benefits:

  1. If you run scripts from programs that export via a generated python script, like ‘SynthEyes’, then you no longer have to repeatedly open the Blender ‘Text Editor’ window, load your script, run it, and then close the text block. This is very handy as you go back and fourth between the exporting program and Blender to tweak the export..  
  2. If you want to edit your scripts in a feature-rich editor like 'Notepad++', and then activate them in Blender as you make edits, then ‘Script Runner’ is for you.  Script Runner’ doesn’t require you to change any of your Blender file paths, and it will run scripts stored anywhere on your computer.
  3. ‘Script Runner’ will also store the paths to your frequently used scripts so you won’t have to re-enter them with either new Blender files, or with new versions of Blender.  You can even load an entire directory of frequently used python scripts into the 'Script Runner' panel all at once.