Sci Fi Corridor Modular

by AdrianKulawik in Models

Sci Fi Corridor Modular Ready for Games.

3D Model Design in One Smoothing Group!
One Large Atlas PBR Textures Set!
One Smoothing Groups working in all Programs! You don't need to worry about polygons smoothing.Everything is prepared to work in all possible programs ;)

PBR Materials - Lumi/Emission Channel + AO Channel for Unreal Engine.
Textures in 8K.


AO (8192x8192)
Albedo/Diffuse (8192x8192)
Rougness/Gloss (8192x8192)
Normal Map (8192x8192)
Metallic (8192x8192)
Lumi/Emission (8192x8192)

Best Regards.