Save Material Slot [Material Slot Switcher]

by Bookyakuno in Scripts and Addons

Save and reload material slot settings

Multiple material slot settings can be stored in the list data.

Quickly switch to the slot settings you want to use for rendering.


  • Save / load slot data
  • Editing save data
  • Sort the list
  •    - Index / Setting object / Active object / Name
  • Pop-up menu


You can access it from the 3D view, the property editor, and the small icon in the header.

Panel menus can be disabled for display.

  • Properties Editor> Material> Header> Icon Menu
  • Properties Editor> Material>> 'Save Material Slot'
  • 3D View> Side Bar (N Key)> Tools> 'Save Material Slot'


Pop-up menus can be called by keymap.

The keymap settings can be changed from the add-on settings.

  • Ctrl + Shfit + Alt + L