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All materials - Height, tilt and bump limits increased to adapt to a wide range of object scales
Baking: Easy to bake outputs added on almost every material to make baking of procedural textures simple for those who need it. 
Reduced the weight of blend files and thumbnail images leading to a significantly smaller addon file size (close to 50% of the original size).
Chocolates - Added 2 nut shapes, Chocolate Coated Nuts control (how many nuts are still covered with chocolate and how many are exposed)
Expanded polystyrene - Reworked surface too look more accurate.
Gold, Bronze, Copper, Silver, Iron - Fixed the scale control on some textures that was not working and Added Bump Control.

New Materials:
Superhero Fabrics (4) - Soap Bubble - Ice (4)

Smart Masks (Beta):
Cracks, Clouds, Edges

Smart Modules (Beta):
Edge Wear

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Software Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
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