Russian PP-91

by Leo 3D Designs in Models

Tyrex 1970s Era Russian smg prototype PP-91 chambered in .45 ACP.

Model includes 2 magazine, one loaded & one unloaded, mag capacity is 32 rounds of FMJ projectiles-

powder not included.

Model is a base model, bolt assembly & other fire mechanism are not modeled to 100% accuracy.

External model & bolt reciprocation is good to go.

Firearm is metal & polymer construction with scratches to add character.

Butt stock is over the top fold-able.

2 smg's are included, one consists of individual parts, the other is all combined to be easily appended (hidden in viewport & render).

Scene Information: 

Verts: 3,223,674

Faces: 3,289,064

Tris: 6,425,346

Objects: 44

Joined SMG is hidden in viewport & render.

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