Rowing Skiff

by winthrop brookhouse in Models

A model of a rowing skiff done in 2.79. Includes all textures and has rigging for the canoe. There is an animation sequence of a complete rowing cycle. All four oars move in unison.

This is a rigged skiff model. The Skiff itself is rigged with bones for different parts and also bones for oar brackets that are already animated to match the rowing cycle of the oars. The oars are set with their  center point set to the middle of the oar brackets, but are not rigged with the skiff for easier movement in setting up still life scenes without a figure rowing. Texture maps are hand painted and do not use tiling, to give a more realistic look. 

Can I easily change textures or colors?

Yes you can even change color of parts but keep the underlying , roughness, bump and normal maps as set up so you get the painted wood effect. 

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