Row Townhouses New York Style

by SHcreations in Models

NOTE: this product only works with blender 2.8, all renders are made in Blender Eevee.

This product contains the linked aswell as the unlinked versions of the buildings.

The small neighbourhood used for the renders is also attached to the files. (3.4 million tris)

The buildings use a correct 1:1 scale

This pack contains 28 different classic new york style townhouses / cityblock buildings.

Every building size has a simple but uniquely generated interior to add depth when rendered from the outside.

The sides and rear of these buildings are kept simple. (as they do in real life)


The buildings are ready to be used in cycles and eevee settings.

  • The verticle counts per building range from 16713 to 26415
  • The polygon counts per building range from 15715 quads / 41462 tris to 24091 quads / 48182 tris


  • All renders are made with a GTX960 (4gb) and took about 30 seconds (256 samples highest shadow settings)
  • All materials are included
  • All materials with textures use normalmaps.
  • Some painted materials only use a normalmap and a diffuse color.
  • The buildings are made out of quads.
  • All assets that use textures have a seamless generated UVmap by using a box projection method.
  • Every asset is named
  • All files are exported from blender with default settings.
  • All parts are low to mid-poly so it can be used in high amounts in big models for game development, renders, animations, environments, VR, product presentation, education, personal projects and commercial projects