Round Dining Table Set

by energyoverflow in Models

Detailed model of a Laid round dining table. Suitable for indoor and outdoor scenes. Renders were created with Cycles. Materials are included only for Cycles. Textures included.   Models included: Table: 1380 polygon (no subdiv) 2 Chairs: 800 polygon/each (no subdiv) Big table clothes: 31000 polygon (level 1 subdiv) Mats: 130 polygon/each (level 1 subdiv) 2 set of tableware: soup plate: 1780 polygon (level 1 subdiv) flat plate: 1400 polygon (level 1 subdiv) fork: 1500 polygon (level 1 subdiv) spoon: 750 polygon (level 1 subdiv) knife: 240 polygon (level 1 subdiv) wine glass: 3170 polygon (level 2 subdiv) pitcher: 10000 polygon (level 2 subdiv)