Roman Stone Chair Pbr

by yaschancool in Models

Roman Stone Chair for games and VR, and realtime applications with PBR textures. This is well optimized and tested environment game asset to work fast and flawlessly.

This model was created by sculpting and then by manual retopology and baking textures.

Tris only (2740 tris). No co-planar faces or isolated vertices. This model is one seamless mesh. FBX file has real world scale.

Non overlapping optimized (packed) UV islands. Second UV channel is included for lightmaps.

Metal-Rough PBR textures in 4096x4096 resolution (.png) in a packed RGB format (Occlusion, Roughness, Metal).

The normal map has T-Mikk Tspace tangent space. The baking was done in Substance Painter. 

FBX and OBJ formats included.