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Rocks are some of the most useful assets you can have. They can be used in everything from environment art to ArchViz or just to pad out a scene. By now it is also common knowledge that if you want truly realistic rocks you have to use photoscanned rocks which are, surprisingly, quite rare.

The problem

 And this is where the problems arise. Anyone who has tried to find these seemingly elusive gems will be able to tell you one thing: they aren't cheap. In the end, you basically have two choices, either shell out a few hundred dollars for more rocks than you could ever need or you buy them individually for $20 - $30  a pop.

The solution

This is where RockIt! comes in. For just $19 you get 15 high-quality photoscanned rocks instantly. That's less than $1.30 per asset!

And that's not all! You may have noticed that a lot of traditional rocks have one (excuse the pun) glaring hole:

The underside of the rock hasn’t been scanned and this limits how the rock can be used. With this type of model, you need a large number of models to fill a scene without obvious repetition. 

This is what RockIt does differently: our models have full scanned detail all around the model with no holes in sight:

This allows you to get far greater visual difference from fewer models and allows you to create great artworks using only a few assets:

This entire scene was made using just these 4 rocks

Designed for Blender

Everything in RockIt is optimised for Blender so that you don't have to worry about having to spend ages configuring it to your needs:

1. Fully retopologised

Raw photoscan meshes are incredibly dense and often contain millions of polygons with multiple and scattered UV maps.

RockIt takes care of this as all of the models are retopologised and have detailed normal and albedo maps baked

2. Easily control detail

Sometimes though, a normal map just doesn't give you enough detail, which is why for every model in RockIt getting extra detail is as simple as changing the detail on a multires modifier.

3. Easy and powerful material control

RockIt comes with a powerful material setup that allows you to quickly change the entire look of a rock with just a few clicks. With it you can:

  • change the colour of the rock

  • Add procedural dirt to the crevices

  • control the saturation and value

  • get fine control over normal and bump strength

  • easily add realistic wetness

4. Integrated addon

Nobody wants to have to spend ages in the file explorer manually importing assets, which is why RockIt comes packaged with a simple addon so that you can quickly import all the assets you need, hassle-free.

And remember, you get all of this for less than $1.30 per asset!

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