Robot Creation In Blender

by TeamC in Video Tutorials

What is this?

A small mini-course going over Robot Concept Creation utilizing *mainly vanilla workflows.The goal was to upres a sculpt to a high level utilizing subdivision surfaces.

This tutorial goes from sphere to final result.

What version of Blender is used?

I used 2.93 LTS and 3.0.0 for the most part. Nothing specific to those versions were used. Mainly vanilla techniques were employed. 

Below is an example of sculpting and how I approach it.

I have plenty of free content on my channel however series this is significantly more in depth and is fully narrated compared to typical content which has a predestined time span.


7.5 Hours content was just too much for a daily upload. Also the audio is raw and unedited for maximum enjoyment.

What is Topostudy?

It is a playlist about how to get the most out of subdivision. The course is about making a subdivision capable model and take it further.

Give it a watch to get acquainted with the concept of topological management.

What is required to use it?

Just Blender.

But HardOps will make it even easier.

What addons were used?

HardOps (for time saving)

Decalmachine (final chapter)

Mira Tools

F2 (built in)

Decals Used:


Sir Charles

For more info on HardOps

For more information on Boxcutter

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Blender Version 2.92, 2.93
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