Robot Character Rig Rts03 Low-Poly Asset

by Bill Nguyen's shop in Models

Sci-fi robotic character model, suitable for games and subdivision-ready for films or close up. Comes with full rig in both Maya file and Blender file. PBR textures all in 4096*4096 quality.


In this package includes:

  • Maya file (.MA, .MB) with rigs made with Advanced Skeleton

  • Blender file (.BLEND) with rigs and IK controllers, pose library with 4 standard pre-made poses. Also included a scifi-style pedestal for showcase render, which can also be downloaded separately in the Supporting items section.

  • Also includes in Blender file, Material Nodes set up for Custom color change, plus a handy written Instruction for how to use it. Easily customize the color of the robot to your liking in just a few seconds. 

  • PBR textures in 4K, including these maps: Color, Metallic, Specular, Roughness, Emission.

  • Comes with RGB mask maps, for easy Color Customization.

  • OBJ and FBX files.

Specific poly count is 24.426 polys, 25.472 verts, 47.802 tris.

The model in Blender project file also completed with Crease edges and therefor, subdivision ready.

Thank you for your support of my products and look out for more soon.