customizable road signs

by StruffelProductions in Models

Populate your roads!

Whether you are making a pulsating city or a seemingly endless road in the outback - Signs are always a nice way to create authenticity. This pack provides you with the basics you need to quickly add some fancy details to your scene.

Taking a closer look

This pack contains 10 models, counting out the repetitions (for example lager borders, etc.) we end up with 6 completely unique signs:

All signs have special custom textures and shaders to reflect the real life properties carried by the the reflective material of most signs.

The signs' shaders all have a "grunge slider", allowing you to quickly achieve a weathered impression.

All models have been grouped together to make importing as convenient as possible.


Design templates

The models come with 20+ sign templates that you can use to quickly create sign designs with the correct proportions for the mesh.

Translation / General movement

Use the empty at the bottom of every sign's post to change the general position of the sign.

Adjusting the position relative to the post

On some signs you are able to move or rotate the "top part" of the sign relatively to the sign's post. Use the empty near the "front" to adjust it.

Changing text and imagery

To change the name of the street on some signs, just select the text-object and press tab like you normally would. Then use the empty (selected in the image below) to adjust the sign's length.

The imagery on the signs can be adjusted in the "SETTINGS" frame of any sign's material "SignXX_front"

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