Rigged Ladybird

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This Ladybird is ready to fly

There is some predefined actions (Opening wings, Flying beat) you can use easily on your scene. Also in the blend file you have 3 poses actions for a render image (Curled pose, Flying pose and Static pose) With this ladybird you have one flower « Hepatica anemone » and two plants. The render engine is Blender cycles. To render it with GPU card Model need 1.5G of GPU Memory Animation need 2G of GPU Memory

The modeling is designed to animate.

The ladybird model have a realistic shapes and proportions. The modeling mesh is designed for animation

32 customized cycles shaders

On the blend file you have SSS skin shader, Hair shader, Wings shader with absorption, refraction, glossy, fake caustic, and specific bump node. Custom eyes shader, ... You can switch color of the ladybird (7 points red or 3 points red, 7 points orange or 3 points orange) On the flower you can switch colors too.

35 Specifics and adapted textures

For the ladybird you have 27 textures 2K. For the eyes you have : - A specific eyes bubble's tiled texture made with blender - A specific reflection map. There is too 3 specific background and 7 textures of plant and flower


Tutorial video available here http://youtu.be/NxG2tTQ4yYM

5 Scenes

5 scenes are available :

1st scene is the based model

2nd scene Ladybird curled pose on a plant

3rd scene Flying Ladybird arround flowers

4th scene Ladybird on a spiral plant

5th scene Ladybird take off animation

If you render with a GPU card :

Ladybird_model need 1.5G of GPU Memory

Ladybird_scene.001 need 1.0G of GPU Memory

Ladybird_scene.002 need 1.5G of GPU Memory

Ladybird_scene.002 need 1.5G of GPU Memory

Ladybird_scene_animation.000 need 2.0G of GPU Memory

Change the texture of the Elytras (Shell)

If you want to change the shell textures of the ladybird :

Select the object Ladybird_Elytra.L The material are Elytra.L

The specific node textures are :

- texture 7 points red

- texture 3 points red

- texture 7 points orange

- texture 3 points orange

Connect which node texture as you want in the group shader named Elytra.

If you want a wet shader connect the node texture on the Wet Elytra group shader.

To change on the other side of shell repeat this method on the shader of the object Ladybird_Elytra.R

If you want to create your specific Elytra, on the texture folder you have 2 Elytra colors diffuse map and 3 textures of shell points. 

On the texture folder, if you want to change the Elytra texture you can download the open source software Krita to change it with this file UV_Elytra.kra

Change the color of the petal’s flower

If you want to change the color shader of the flower Hepatica anemone

Select the scene Ladybird_scene.002 choose layer 6 and select a petal

Connect Color Hue Saturation Value node on the SSS shader.

Add-on necessary

To understand how the rig work you need the addon ui_Bonelayer_manager0.5.py

available on : http://blender-addon.blogspot.fr/2012/09/bone-layer-manager-05-for-blender-263a.html

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