Rigged Folding Step Ladder

by winthrop brookhouse in Models

A rigged model of a Folding Step Ladder. Texturing is done in cycles and texture, bump, roughness and normal maps are included. All maps are hand painted. Also Color can be controlled with hue, saturation and color ramp. There are four main elements, top, front legs, back legs and link. Inside of these each piece has a vertex group so that the parts can be seperated out if making a scene where the ladder is being built. The bolts are the only pieces that are not whole because most of it is not seen by the camera.

The model is medium poly and uses Subsurface modifier to gain the resolution for smooth movement and shape. You should be able to just start animating. All WGT are named accordingly to what they do. Rigging includes Limit rotation constraints and IK for proper bone movements.