Rigged Digital Camera

by Abdoubouam in Models

How to use:

After purchase, simply decompress the files and append/link the files to your current blender scene.


The materials are made with the simple cycles shaders and are easy to customize. they have relevant names and are easy to identify.
The main body material is made with a custom shader to make it very simple to edit and tweak.

The inputs are :

  • Color: self explainatory, this will set the main color of the camera.
  • Metallic: choose whether the material is metallic or dielectric (eg: plastic).
  • Reflectivity : Set the amount of reflection you need (No need to input a Fresnel/layer weight node as it's already implemented inside of the shader)
  • Reflection tint: set the color of the reflection. Generally it's a good idea to leave it white for dielectrics, and set it close to the main color for metals. But in some cases you get better results by breaking the laws ;-)
  • Grains: adds some grains to the surface. This controls the amount of the effect.
  • Roughness: controls reflections sharpness/blurriness
  • Grain size: adjusts the size of the grains

Note: the material is very flexible and can be used on other models too.

Controlling the lenses

No need to worry about positioning each part by itself, simply select the "Controller" and move it forward/backwards and it will do the job for you.
Rotate it and it will open/close the shutter for you.

Additional notes:

  • Made and tested in Blender 2.78 and 2.79
  • HDRi not included to keep the file size reasonable.
  • Textuers are included