Rig Stars Add On 1.0

by Coloremblem in Scripts and Addons

Blender RigStars Add On

The Blender RigStars Add On allows you to quickly and efficiently expand your rigs and armatures and bring rigging to a complete new level. This add-on is designed for holding volume in critical deform areas of your mesh and correcting shapes of it either with shape keys or just normal weight painting.

What is volume and why do I need it ?

If you rig a model and give that model bones, I am sure you have noticed that in some areas(for example when rotating the leg) it looks just terrible(See picture 4). With corrective shapes or volume bones you can solve this problem and fix most of these critical deformation areas.(Example of corrective shapes)

Why should I buy the RigStar Add On

This add-on works just fine and is also for me a big helping tool for my 3D animation characters and projects. Because of this I will develop it further and further and when you buy it, you get all updated versions for free. Plans for the future:

  • Different kinds of RigStars for individual volume holding
  • Combining it with the Muscle Tools Add On
  • Shape Key transformation for rotation
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Published almost 8 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
License GPL
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