Retro Soda Fountain Stool

by Quadmade Studio in Models


-Real World Scale in Centimeters
-Clean and optimized Quads Topology
-Model allow Subdivisions Without distortion on Maps and faces.
-All textures and materials are tailored and applied for high quality render results.
-All objects have fully unwrapped UVs Channel 0 each (OPTIONAL) + Composed UV for lightmaps on Channel 1 ,
-No extra plugins are needed for this model.
-Lights and cameras are included in the scene.


-Model is included in 3 file formats.
-Blender 2.79a
-Model consists of 2519 Faces and 2658 Vertices.
-Model Dimensions:
66.479cm x 33.6455cm x 33.6455cm
-Units: centimeters
-All Textures are PNG format with the following resolutions:
- 4096 x 4096 px
-Maps included:
Diffuse, Basecolor, Normal, Specular, Metallic, Glossiness, Roughness, Additional Maps ( Overall occlusion UV1 (optional) Height Maps) HDR Enviroment Texture EXR.