Retro Livingroom Decoration, Sideboard And Painting

by ArchViz Carvalho in Models

Retro Livingroom Decoration, sideboard and painting

1 Retro Sideboard (Victorian) - Black painted wood Color
1 (Optional) Retro Sideboard - Dark wood Color
1 Pile of diverse books model
2 Metalic picture frames for decoration
1 Black frame glasses with golden details
1 Chess Board with 32 metalic chess pieces
1 Round glass vase with water
1 branch plant with small dark red leaves
1 Large wall painting from XVIII Century, in golden frame

-This is a photorealistic high-poly model, modeling on Blender for Archviz and VFX purposes.
-Contains diverse Procedural and PBR image textures.
-If you feel your scene heavy, try reduce the chess pieces geometry.
-All chess pieces are parented to each "King".
-Compatible with Cycles and Eevee render.

-The rar contains ".blend", ".obj", ".stl" and ".fbx" file formats.
-This model contains 8k PBR textures, included on the model folder.
-All parts of each model are logically named for easy management.
-Modifiers not applied on Blender
-Camera and light for render included.
-Metric System units.

-Sideboard: X=1.42m, y=0.026m, Z=0.87m
-Book pile: X=0.28m, y=0.28m, Z=0,11m
-Chess Board: X=0.36m, y=0.36m, Z=0.02m
-Vase: x-0.15m,y-0.15m, z-0.16m
-Plant: x-0.28m,y-0.11m, z-0.56m
-Wall Painting: X=1.8m, y=0.51m, Z=1.09m

POLY: 337,932 tris (With subdivision 1)
VERTS: 173,441

Wooden Retro Sideboard, Kingsman Glasses, Chessboard and Decorative Glass vase also sold appart, check my profile!

I hope you enjoy it!
Thanks for your support.

Published 4 months ago
Software Version 2.9
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
License Royalty Free
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