by JohnGDDR5 in Scripts and Addons

Current Version: 1.0

What is ResSwitch?

ResSwitch is a simple add-on to have more control and a faster workflow on changing the render resolution in Blender 2.79.


Scene Resolution & Custom Resolution Boxes

  • The percentage's resolution is shown in the Scene & Custom Resolution's Percent bar

  • Custom Resolution Box is added to add Custom Resolution Buttons

  • Many functions to quickly switch Scene & Custom Resolution's X/Y resolutions

Context Sensitive Resolution Buttons

  • Context Sensitive 1-click Resolution Buttons for an Active Node or Selected Image

  • Change Scene Resolution to an Active Image Node's image Resolution in Node Editor

  • Change Scene Resolution to a Selected Image's Resolution

Custom Resolution Buttons

  • Add Custom Resolution Buttons that are kept saved in the Blender file

  • Easily Edit added Resolution Buttons by toggling Edit mode

  • Change Order of Resolution Buttons

Display Settings

  • Display Aspect Ratio of Scene Resolutions and Resolution Buttons

  • Display Resolution Buttons in Dropdown (condensed) or Extended mode

What it does:
  • Improves User Experience by simplifying the process of changing the scene resolution with a click of a button

  • A ResSwitch Panel is added to the Node Editor and Properties' Render Tab

  • Allows for a faster workflow when having to change the scene resolution constantly

  • Unzip file

  • Install add-on from file in Blender

Free Updates Incoming