Reparent Def Bones

by GreenJadeLeaf in Scripts and Addons

"Rigify generated rigs don't have proper DEF bones hierarchy, Reparent DEF bones aims at reparenting DEF bones using a source armature."

Rigify generated rigs are focused on animation and not designed for game engines export.

DEF bones are only parented to each other within their own Rigify sample and not with another DEF bone from another Rigify sample.

Reparent DEF bones is an addon that fixes DEF bones hierarchy using a source Armature. Usually, the source armature is the Rigify Metarig but you can use another armature to get the DEF bones hierarchy from.

This addon does not rely on predefined bones names but does use bones name characteristics to parent DEF bones especially for Rigify segmented limbs.

This addon was tested for rigs using the human Rigify metarig but should work as well with others rigs.

This addon is available for free on Gumroad.

Content :

  • Reparent DEF bones
  • Check an armature DEF bones hierarchy

  • Remove constraints from DEF bones
How to install :

Install within Blender in Preferences. Do not unzip the file, install directly with the zip file

Dev Fund Contributor
Published 5 months ago
Software Version 3.1
License GPL
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