Rendernode [Rsn]

by atticus_id in Addons

Node based design and render workflow in blender

Documentation (OLD) ➡️ [Github] [Gitee]

Develop Feature

Down New features, change any time before stable:

Geometry Nodes field style workflow

  • Much easier, faster and cleaner


  • group nodes
  • new switch node for all types sockets (no 'Variants Node'any more, use a direct input socket)
  • input nodes (object/material/float/vector/int/bool/string)
  • utility nodes (math/vector,boolean math/string operate)
  • get / set nodes
  • new render list node and get render list index node

  • Performance (Evaluate system)

    • develop based on rigging_nodes , provide faster speed
  • UI

    • remove old draw outline, draw process time and node name instead instead

    • dynamic enums/sockets for user' preference (render engine, color manage,etc)

    • power selector for switch active task in render list node

Know Limited

  • When edit inside a render node group, it won't update the whole tree, you should always set the active task on the base root
  • old node remove

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