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RenderStackNode is an addon that provide users with node-based, flexible rendering output workflow. It can be also use in look-dev or design. You can download it here for free! 

Also you can support me ( Purchase it here )

Actually it is a simple but node version of take system(for example in houdini) in principle.

version 1.1.6~1.1.8 have bug with render mutiple animation.Update it!!!

Features 1.1.9DescriptionRender queuerender animation and still frame in one queueRender sheetgive a render confirm sheet before the final renderProcessor bardetail processor bar through the whole renderViewport updateapply all the changes to viewport in 2msCustom Overwritescripts node and object node (data path)Path Expressionuse $ to generate formated nameVersion Controlwith version node you can have mutiple version setting in one taskThird PartyOctane, Luxcore, SSM(an other addon of mine)

How it works


RSN takes the node settings, and use it to overwrite the scene

  1. Settings Node to overwirte your render settings,such as:

    • Camera Node have the ability to change the camera
    • File path Node give an format name of the render files
    • Eevee Setting Node means that in this task you will render with the eevee engine
    • Frame Range Node control the frame you want to render
  2. Task Node to merge your changes into one render task (so it can be use to render)

  3. Viewer Node apply and view the changes

  4. Render List Node render all the task that you need

Once you plug a node settings to overide something into the a task,the next task will inherit it if there is not a same type Node plug input. So you may start a new render list to keep your node tree cleaner

WorkFlow Video