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Cut animated render times by up to 80% with the RenderBoost Addon!

RenderBoost is ideal for meeting tight deadlines and speeding up the iteration process.

This addon utilizes frame interpolation techniques to generate additional frames from your existing image sequence, resulting in significant reductions in time spent rendering while still maintaining visual fidelity.

RenderBoost Pro:

Check out our Pro video series! 

Upgrade to RenderBoost Pro for GPU Acceleration, advanced denoising and upscaling capabilities! In addition to the benefits of frame interpolation and automatic video creation, RenderBoost Pro enhances your renders with improved denoising and advanced upscaling then dramatically speeding up interpolation times with GPU acceleration, elevating your visual quality to new heights. Not sure if you need pro? you can always upgrade later from the base version! 

A closer look at the key features of RenderBoost:

  • Time-Saving Benefits. By drastically reducing rendering durations, RenderBoost frees up more time for your creativity and iterative process. You can focus on refining your animations and perfecting the details of your projects, without being constrained by lengthy render times.

  • Frame Interpolation. By employing advanced interpolation techniques, RenderBoost generates extra frames that seamlessly blend with your rendered frames. This process reduces the number of frames you need to render, thereby saving you valuable time.

  • Smooth Motion. The frame interpolation provided by RenderBoost ensures that your animations exhibit fluid and realistic motion. This creates visually captivating results that enhance the overall quality of your projects.

  • Customisable Settings. RenderBoost offers customisable settings that allow you to tailor the add-on to your specific requirements and workflow. You have the flexibility to adjust the number of interpolated frames, striking the right balance between smoothness and computational efficiency.

  • Seamless Integration. RenderBoost seamlessly integrates into your existing Blender workflow, providing a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. This ensures a smooth and efficient utilization of the addon's capabilities.

Please keep in mind that the time savings achieved with RenderBoost may vary depending on your hardware capabilities. The testing was performed on a system equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, and 32GB of DDR4 RAM running at 3200MHz.

As RenderBoost fundamentally uses interpolation techniques the results can vary scene to scene, multiple moving objects at high speed as well as lots of motion blur can sometimes produce artifacts, we aim to keep improving RenderBoost with future features to aid in mitigating these edge cases for any project as much as possible with further demonstrations showing the addon in multiple scenes and use cases.

Please report any bugs you may encounter and feel free to share your suggestions for features you would like to see. This addon is actively being developed with quick bug fixes and lots of exciting new features on the roadmap.

RenderBoost Pro -

  • v0.2.1 - Background Improvements.

  • v0.2.0 - Bug Fix.

  • v0.1.9 - Bug Hotfix.

  • v0.1.8 - Adjusted handling of dependencies.

  • v0.1.7 - Fixed bug regarding macOS instillation.

  • v0.1.6 - Bug Hotfix.

  • v0.1.5 - Added instructions for installing the dependencies.

  • v0.1.4 - Added blender 4.1 support.

  • v0.1.3 - Bug Hotfix.

  • v0.1.2 - Fixed bug regarding the automatic interpolation mode.

  • v0.1.1 - Added CLI support, see Readme.txt for example usage.
  • v0.1.0 - Bug fix to upscale tool quality setting.
  • v0.0.9 - Major improvements and added shots tool.
  • v0.0.7 - Bug fix to visual issues when denoising and upscaling simultaneously.
  • v0.0.6 - GPU Acceleration! Speed up your interpolating times with our GPU, if updating from previous version please read documentation regarding updating.
  • v0.0.5 - Bug fixes and updated documentation regarding installation.
  • v0.0.4 - Pro Version Release with denoising and upscaling!

RenderBoost -

  • v0.0.6 - Added CLI support, see Readme.txt for example usage.

  • v0.0.5 - Bug fixes and updated documentation regarding installation.
  • v0.0.4 - Added video output!
  • v0.0.3 - Minor bug and quality of like improvements.
  • v0.0.2 - Minor bug fixes for macOS users.
  • v0.0.1 - First Release!

Know Bugs:

  • Sometimes the "auto gen" button in the shots tool only creates one shot with a multi value of 1 on the first click, if this shot is deleted then re click the "auto gen" button the shots will be generated properly, this is being fixed in the next update.


  • If you do not see RenderBoost in the 'Output Properties' tab when enabled then please click on the 'install dependencies' button found in the RenderBoost dropdown in the preferences window, this can take some time depending on internet speed but when complete RenderBoost will pop up in the 'Output Properties ' tab as intended, this will be made to be more intuitive In a future update.

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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5
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