Render Cleaner: Noise Reduction

by Joseph-Dowling in Render Setups

Save time. Remove noise. Improve renders.

Render Cleaner: Noise Reduction is a fast, efficient, and easy to use means to reduce and remove noise from your renders. It works internally in the Blender Compositor so there is not any need to move to an external application to clean up your renders. 

Why buy it?

Noise is a universal issue in all ray-tracing renderers, noise is the result of lower samples and caustics. There are many 'Tips' on reducing noise, each removing a tiny bit here a smaller bit there, it is simply not sustainable. Don't waste your time. This node pack is dedicated to the accurate clean up of noise whilst preserving detail, without any hassle.

The pack service a purpose for all Blender users:


Refine final renders by removing tiny inconsistencies without loss of image detail; this can make up the different between a good and excellent render.

Architectural and Product Visualizers:

Need to send quick preliminary renders to clients? Do so without the need to render at production levels of sampling. A scene which needs 2000 samples can, in many instances, be cut down to 400 samples with the use of a cleaner. The node pack serves an essential addition to workflow especially with the increased levels of noise associated with interior renders. 

Teachers and Bloggers:

Creating blog post images and tutorial images can be a pain, especially with a deadline. Given the quality of blog and tutorial sites around the web, this node pack will enable you to produce high-quality renders at a faster rate, allowing you to spread knowledge faster.

Ease of use?

The node pack is extraordinarily easy to use, with 5 different methods of reducing noise, and detailed documentation; it's a plugin and tweak work-flow.

Will it actually save me time? 

See for yourself: 

No cleaner, 25 samples and 100 samples:

Enter the Render Cleaners: 

 (right-click, open image in new tab; to view closely)

Best cleaner

Power Based Render Cleaner 

Standard cleaner 

Fireflies and Dark Spots Removal

Eroded Dilation Smoothing

Full 19-page documentation included with purchase:


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  • Alexander Kane over 1 year ago

    In terms of removing noise, it does a decent job. However, complex scenes with various materials and lighting, no matter which render cleaner I use, end up losing more details. Yes, the noise is reduced, but at the cost of textures becoming blurry. Currently testing Blender 2.78.5 default denoiser and it works like a charm!

  • brent3d over 2 years ago

    Works great! Not only can you get away with lower render settings but no more jumping back and forth to Photoshop s filters to clean the image...excellent time saver! Thanks for putting in the time and energy into creating these complex node groups.

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