Reflector Telescope

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Reflector Telescope

High poly reflector telescope with many details. Created with Blender 2.74 and rendered in Cycles.


High quality mesh. Clean topology, quads only. No ngons! Modifiers are not applied, so you still have full and easy geometry control. Used modifiers:
  • subsurf
  • mirror
  • array
  • shrinkwrap


All materials are created with nodes for cycles. All colors are changeable in the node setup.


This model includes only one image texture (2.048px X 768px) for the writings that are printed on some parts (e.g. the scales). The materials themselves are using procedural textures.


The telescope is rigged using parenting and constraints (see animations). The rig is independent from the environment.


Compositing setup to render the model isolated from the environment with alpha values as background included.


  • renders created in Cycles Render at 4.000 samples using subsurf modifier level 2
  • wireframe renders are showing the mesh without subsurf modifier


The model is in real world size and scale. X = 0,591m (Blender units) Y = 0,675m (Blender units) Z = 1,490m (Blender units)
  --- RIG --- The telescope is rigged useing parenting and constraints independent of its environment. To move, rotate or scale the entire model select the master parent empty box named [telescope] and press G, R or S. To rotate one of the telescope axis select the corresponding circle empty and press R to rotate. To extend the telescope legs select the arrow empty and press G to move them up and down. All names of the emptys that can be used to transform the model are starting with [control].   --- LAYERS --- Layer 1: Telescope Layer 2: Rig Emptys Layer 3: empty Layer 4: empty Layer 5: empty Layer 6: empty Layer 7: empty Layer 8: empty Layer 9: empty Layer 10: empty Layer 11: Floor Layer 12: Lighting Layer 13: Cameras Layer 14: empty Layer 15: empty Layer 16: empty Layer 17: empty Layer 18: empty Layer 19: empty Layer 20: empty

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