Realistic Pine Trees

by LiChen in Models

Highly detailed pine trees

Medium Polygon count

About 320,000 polygons each tree.

This scene has about 40000 trees, and it was rendered on my 2G ram GPU.

(This is an example scene, not included)

Modeling a realistic pine tree actually is very hard.After struggled several weeks finally, I made some realistic looking pine trees and materials are precisely tweaked, just need to be appended.

Realistic looking at close range

Putting millions of needles on branches won't looking good.Because needles are still not enough.And the biggest problem is polygon count is way too high.Modeling a realistic looking pine tree and not using too many polygons is not an easy work.

After referred to a lot of photos, I managed to get twigs and needles texture placed naturally, so the trees still looking realistic at close range.


If you want to make your own pine trees, you will have to learn some add-ons and figure out how to make the naturally looking shapes, then you have to tweak the parameters and compare to the references again and again which will cost tons of time.

So just let me save your time :)

HDRI provided by Greg Zaal

Note: To get a brighter result, please set Render--LightPath--Transparency about 20.