Realistic Medium Pine Tree

by Jonathan Lampel in Models

Medium Pine Tree Documentation

To use this model, either open up the included .blend file directly or append the group "Medium Pine". The tree is made up of a trunk, stem, three levels of branches, and leaves. There are two of each level of branches and leaves in order to save memory. The second is an instanced version of the first, in order to make the tree appear full and yet save memory. 

  If you would like to add more branches, select all of the objects parented to "stem" and press Alt+D to create yet another instance. If your viewport is slowing down because of the tree, consider changing the leaves and detail branches to be viewed as a bounding box and the main trunk and braches to be viewed as a wireframe. You can change how an object is viewed in the Object Display panel in the Properties window. To create a forest, select the entire tree and use the same Alt+D command until you have enough. You can scale, rotate, change material, or otherwise tweak each instance, but only in object mode. If the instance is altered in edit mode, all other trees will be affected. The bark texture can be download for free and used for commercial and personal purposes here. Cheers, Jonathan