Realistic Lawn Grass

by Jonathan Lampel in Models

Lawn Grass Documentation

This product comes with four particle systems applied to the object "Grass Plane": Short Grass, Long Grass, Mesh Grass, and Clover. Also included is a custom grass shader to make tweaking materials easy. An in-depth PDF tutorial covering specific particle and shader settings is included in the download. 

Adding the Lawn Grass to your own scene:

First you need to import the "Grass Plane" object. To do so, go to file -> append. Then navigate to the Jonathan_Lampel_Lawn_Grass.blend, click "Object", and choose "Grass Plane". It is usually best to move the appended objects to another layer so that they do not interfere with your scene. You can now select whatever mesh you would like to apply the grass to (Don't forget to apply the scale by pressing Ctrl+A), and add the "Ground" and "Particle Grass"materials to it. In the particle tab, add a new particle system and choose "Short Grass" in the settings dropdown list. Do the same for "Long Grass", "Mesh Grass", and "Clover". Be sure to adjust the emission number and velocity to match the scale of your scene. For more control, you can use vertex groups to limit where each particle system is placed.

That's all, it really is that simple!

Cheers, Jonathan