Realistic Human Ears, Set Of 10

by Another World Studios in Models

Set of 10 3D Scanned Ears

This product consists of a set of 10 human ears, accurately 3d scanned and cleaned up. Throughout my 10 year career in the 3d scanning industry, I've come across a wide variety of ears which to my surprise are as unique to a person as fingerprints are. There are small ears, big or long ones. Some stick out a bit, others seem glued to the skull. Occasionally you even come across an ear without an earlobe. I have seen many artists sculpt or model fantastic faces, but often they struggle to capture the complex shapes and curves of the ear. Therefor I thought some real-world reference would come in handy. The 10 ears in this file are actual 3d scanned ears. Little to no modifications have been done to them, apart from some post-scanning cleanup.