Realistic Guitar

by Lucas Falcao in Models


The model has a clean topology, basically it's all quads and all geometry it's properly unwrapped. There is a lot of equal parts in the model, which you can easily select all of them by group selection (Shift+G) and easily join all the parts of the group, also they are all instanced/linked. All geometry uses the Subsurf modifier, to easily interact and change the setting on the modifier you can use the Copy Attributes Add-on and copy your modifier settings to other objects. For manipulate the guitar, you can use the "Cube Empty" around the guitar, which I “parent to” all geometry to that Empty. Here is the list of groups;

  • guitar
  • bolts_big
  • bolts_small
  • bridge
  • frets
  • frets_marks
  • pickups_magnet
  • tuning_keys


The materials are organized in Frames in different colors, orange for the textures, green for the shaders and cyan for fresnel.


The scene was created with correct scale, render using Cycles, with a small post-production done in the Node Editor. I turned off the Ray Visibility of the background for the Camera on the object tab and in the render tab I turned on “Transparent”.


1. Open your Blender scene
2. File -> Append
3. Find the .blend and click
4. Select the Collection Guitar
5. Press Link/Append from Library.