Realbolt Plugs For Meshmachine

by Eugene Trunin in Addons

How to install the plugs
  1. Unzip the zip-file. It contains a folder RealBolt . 
  2. For Windows:  place the folder RealBolt  in:  C:\Users\-YourWindowsUserAccount-\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\MESHmachine\assets\Plugs\  or where your MESHmachine's addon is installed.  (Appdata is a hidden folder)
    For Other OS: place the folder RealBolt  where MESHmachine is installed under assets\plugs\
  3. And in the RealBolts folder you will see the folders "blends" and "icons".  
  4. Restart Blender.
  5. In Blender press Y to open the menu for MESHmachine.  Then press P to open the Plug-libraries and there you see most likely now 3 libraries.  The latest one is RealBolt. 

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